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Mistakes & Errors
Please, if you spot any errors or mistakes either in the general layout of the site or in anything that has been said - then please do get in touch.

All feedback and contributions will be gratefully received and acknowledged if used.

However please note, if you are contradicting any assertions on the site then it would be most helpful if you could quote your sources / evidence / reasons for such. Whilst reasons such as ‘generally accepted as fact’ or other hearsay may well be interesting and certainly worth knowing, it is far more valuable when sources can be verified.

Of particular importance are marked examples and archaeological evidence, and the most valuable in this respect are kiln waste groups as these can often be identified as to the maker, date and source of production.

Very little has been published concerning treacleware etc. and even the potters who produced it almost never referred to it and very rarely marked it. This means that archaeological evidence may well be the richest source of information available. Unfortunately when treacleware does occur in kiln waste deposits it rarely receives much attention and certainly is rarely referred to in published papers in the title or even the abstract . This makes it more difficult to conduct thorough research into the archaeological evidence. Therefore it is hoped that this site will attract users from a wide geographical area who may have local knowledge of local excavations - if you have any information in this regard then I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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