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Treacleware Research site

This site is dedicated to all things related to treacleware, otherwise known as Rockingham brown glazed earthenware. It is hoped that fellow collectors, dealers, curators, researchers and everyone else interested in these ceramics, will find information of interest here that will contribute to further research and understanding of this often ignored branch of ceramic history.

There is currently no other site exclusively dedicated to treacleware, and very little actually published which concerns treacleware or brown glazed Rockingham ware. At the moment this site is the work of just one person but the intention from the outset is to try and offer a focus point for others to share their knowledge and interest.

My name is Paul Bohanna, I’ve been researching British treacleware for several years and I’ve been collecting it for maybe 25 years or more. I’ve gradually been putting all my research and notes into what will hopefully one day emerge as a book about British treacleware. I am hoping to receive help from other enthusiasts (you?), and indeed that is a part of the motivation for creating this site - if you have an interesting example of treacleware or even a whole collection, or any research or information which you wish to share, then please get in touch, all original contributions will naturally be fully acknowledged.

I will always try and answer questions and address contributions in a timely manner, but I ask that you please appreciate that this is a labour of love, my real job (self-employed) is very demanding and doesn’t leave much spare time.

AP/545 Treacleware brown glazed earthenware spirit flask, Old Tom. treacleware.co.uk (Rockingham ware)

AP/545 Old Tom treacleware gin flask c.1850-1880. Old Tom was a popular brand of cheap gin in C19th Britain.

AP/381 Treacleware brown glazed earthenware spaniel dog head moneybox. treacleware.co.uk (Rockingham ware)

AP/381 Spaniel dog head moneybox (bank) treacleware, c.1850-1880. Treacleware moneyboxes occur in a wide variety of novelty shapes.

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